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Bodywork focused on women’s unique needs–Pregnancy, Birth, & New Motherhood

Pelvic health, Menstrual-Womb concerns, Infertility, & Menopause!


The root of all health is in the brain. 

The trunk of it is in emotion.

The branches and leaves are the body

The flower of health blooms

when all parts work together.   

– Kurdish folk wisdom

Note: I use  Body Support Cushions that make receiving massage much more comfortable!

No breast compression, no low back strain from lying flat on massage tables—Large breasted, lactating, and pregnant women will love them!


Face down the spine is lengthened and low back pain is relieved. There is space to accommodate the belly in early stages of pregnancy.


Lying Face up, your chest opens and allows for great access to the spine from below. 

Used for sidelying positioning,  the cushions relieve shoulder compression, support the belly, and allow for deep hip and leg work.


Since 1991 I’ve specialized in prenatal, birth and postnatal, and women’s health bodywork. I developed and teach worldwide the MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Training & Certification and am author of the textbook Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy.


PREGNANCY MASSAGE: Relaxing, Restorative, Therapeutic Massage reduces stress, eases aches and pains, supports optimal baby positioning, and helps you prepare for and recover from birth. I offer a variety of bodywork approaches that can range from deep pressure, myofasical release, cranial sacral therapy, acupressure, or subtle energy work,  whichever you prefer and in whichever position is optimal for you and baby: face-down with special cushions, sidelying, or semi-reclining. You and your baby’s comfort and well-being are my focus!


BIRTH SUPPORT PRIVATE SESSIONS: Birth couples and support teams benefit from private sessions with Leslie to explore optimal, supportive comfort-touch techniques!


POSTPARTUM RENEWAL: The most challenging time for many is the weeks after birth. Whether the birth went exactly as you hoped, or became a difficult event that’s still unprocessed, Leslie’s supportive listening, blended with skilled bodywork can encourage relaxation and recovery. Leslie has attended hundreds of births as nurse and doula and understand the wide range of experiences possible on this women’s rite of passage.


 *** Cesarean Scar Tissue Massage to facilitate emotional-physical healing from surgery.

 *** Pelvic Floor Rebalancing techniques to help regain support and reduce pelvic pain.

 *** Holistic Pelvic Care™ to reduce pelvic pain, hip pain, scar tissue, bladder incontinence, minor prolapse, and help address physical-emotional challenges of birth. 

 *** Closing the Bones to help seal energetic, emotional, physical openings that occurred during birth and renew a sense of wholeness.

 *** Acupressure Postpartum Renewal: A full session devoted to acupressure for postpartum healing.

 *** Diastasis Recti Assessment helps you understand the condition of your abdominal muscles that can stretch apart during pregnancy and which may need extra attention to regain tone.

Gentle external and internal myofascial release, hip mobilizations, rebalancing techniques, and abdominal bodywork to restore pelvic health and vitality.

Learn more about these Pelvic Bodywork modalities Here

Mercier Therapy is an empowering therapy for reproductive healing that treats primary and secondary infertility.  It addresses endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, amenorrhea, annovulation, secondary fertility challenge due to primary c-section, tubal blockage, luteal phase deficiency and some pelvic pain by incorporating movement and restoring blood flow to the pelvic organs, re-optimizing function of the pelvic region.

Women with past infections or tubal reversal often have scar tissue or mucous plugs that can be released with deep manipulation.

What does Mercier Therapy entail?

A Mercier Therapy treatment consists of one 60-minute session per week for 5 weeks of deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation. This can be uncomfortable, yet the results are tangible after the first treatment. Most women report that the session is intense because the work is so deep and no one has worked that deeply before.

You can start monitoring your cycles once we finish the work and you start your next cycle, but you can also keep trying to get pregnant during our sessions. 

How does  pricing of Mercier Therapy compare to IVF?

The Shared Journey Fertility Program starts with a consult to obtain history and a pelvic organ mobility test is performed. If the program is the right fit for you, the cost of all of the sessions, plus supplements and one year of cycle monitoring is $2250.00. Compared to IVF on average at $12,000.00 per cycle this work is much more healing and empowers you in your healing process. If you need to move on to IVF, this bodywork helps you prepare for that route by increasing womb health and circulation before embarking on that journey, giving you a better chance of success.

*Mercier Therapy uses no internal work nor is it considered physical therapy.

Flowing strokes of Swedish massage blended with acupressure, cranial sacral and deep tissue manipulations can de-stress your mind and body and restore your sense of centeredness and presence. Try massage in the sidelying position—the most relaxing way to receive bodywork!

Get focused manual therapy sessions for specific conditions.  We enter “body-time” allowing for scar tissue to release, emotional tension to dissolve, and the natural mobility of the body to be restored.

Hip and pelvic pain                                          Sacro-iliac discomfort

Sciatica                                                            Carpal tunnel syndrome

Stiff neck                                                          Headaches

Scar Tissue/Adhesion Release                        Belly Tension & Indigestion


Menstruation and Menopause

I struggled for years with womb health issues–severe menstrual pain, ovarian tumor, and fibroids. I explored herbal, dietary, spiritual, emotional treatments and ancestral impacts. Finally I had surgery–twice to remove fibroids, and eventually a hysterectomy. I understand what it’s like to have  the strong desire for womb-pelvis-ovarian health, and the amount of energy one needs to face the  challenges of healing.  I offer bodywork to restore awareness, breath, and energy to the pelvic region and increase circulation to the womb and ovaries, relieving menstrual cramps, and bringing a new vitality and connection to this sacred, potent, creative space.




I’m the author of Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy, the co-producer of MotherTouch Films, and instructor on the DVD Mastering Pregnancy Massage. Check my products & services at