Bodywork for the Pelvis, Womb, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Mothering, Menopause with LESLIE STAGER RN, LMT

Greetings! I'm Leslie Stager. I've been a Massage Therapist focused on women's health and teaching prenatal bodywork since 1992. Through the decades, I've also been a Labor & Delivery Nurse, Hospice Nurse, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, tango dancer, photographer, whale researcher, and wigwam-dweller in the woods of Maine!

In your session, I aim toward deep embodiment--the union of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic-spiritual bodies. With enough time to connect with and honor your inner body wisdom, healing occurs. The body never lies,  instead it is regularly trying to get our attention and tell us what is out of synch. Accessing this wisdom is our best resource for healing.

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TESTIMONIAL: "When seeking a therapist for intimate concerns such as pelvic and prenatal work, it is critical to find someone highly knowledgeable, sensitive, and safe. Leslie is that and more.  I wouldn't want anyone else touching my belly in pregnancy.” Ella 2023

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you  cancel an appointment with more than 24 hour notice, we can  reschedule, but If you cancel with 24 hours or less notice, you will be charged for the full session as it is very unlikely Leslie can fill that slot with such short notice.




Leslie uses a a blend of subtle, deep tissue, and myofascial release techniques, blended with Holistic Pelvic Care™, breath and inner visioning, to encourage gentle external and internal pelvic and abdominal rebalancing. Together, we address physical-energetic imbalances that can block or limit energy, creative aspirations, or core vitality, and make space for healing from birth trauma, miscarriage, surgery, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, or general energetic disconnect.

Integrative Pelvic Bodywork is benefiical to relax or enhance function of the pelvic floor muscles as well as: 

  • Enhance Fertility
  • Prepare for Pregnancy
  • Improve Postpartum Healing
  • Establish Interior Energetic Boundaries
  • Address Organ Prolapse
  • Enhance Sexual Health

Sessions may also include:

  • Postnatal Pelvic and Postural Assessment
  • Womb Centering & Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage
  • Diastasis-Recti Assessment
  • Cranial-Sacral  & Energetic Rebalancing
  • Holistic Pelvic Care™


Integrative Pelvic Care: Initial Intake & 1st Assessment: up to 2 hours:— $195

Follow up:   90 Minutes: $165


Mother Baby Postpartum Massage

Pregnancy Massage: Relaxing, Restorative, Therapeutic!

In 1992 I developed the MotherTouch Maternity Massage program now taught worldwide! As a former birth nurse, and expert in prenatal bodywork, I am confident in supporting you through most every condition and complaint of the pregnancy cycle. Massage will help ease aches and pains, support optimal baby positioning, and help you prepare for and recover from birth.

Choose a modality, and a position of comfort--face down, sidelying, semi-reclining are usually all possible. Swedish ** Myofasical Release ** Cranial Sacral ** Acupressure ** Subtle Energy.            You and your baby’s comfort and well-being are my focus!

Postnatal Massage: You need it! You deserve it!

Creating a human being is no easy feat. Birthing a baby is not easy either, no matter how they came out! Postnatal massage is critical to helping you restore your strength, vitality, and hormonal and muscular balance.

I offer a variety of services to help you relax, renew, and rejuvenate, including relaxation massage, Diastasis Recti assessment, postnatal pelvic rebalancing, and pelvic floor assessments. I also specialize in  cesarian section recovery and scar tissue release. My goal is to provide you with a tune-up and attunement that honors and supports the birth journey you have been on, whether it was simple or traumatic.

Birth Preparation: Get Ready!

Acupressure, Relaxation, and Pelvic Attunement & Opening Techniques can kickstart your birthing time with a grounded body, optimistic visions, and energy flow that is Open and Ready!

Bring a partner or doula to learn and practice tools that can help make your birth more comfortable. I've been to over 500 births--I know what works be


  • 60 minutes–$95     90 minutes–$145

TESTIMONIAL: I have seen a handful of prenatal massage therapists, and Leslie is incomparably the best.  Her hands are the perfect combination of strong and soothing. The environment is clean and warm. She attends to my specific concerns at every session, and goes above and beyond to explain things, share exercises I can do at home, and impart wisdom that allows me to relax and connect with my body." Ella 2023


Womb-pelvis-ovarian health is integral to a woman's overall health, yet it's not always easy to attain.  I know from my own experience--In my early life, I struggled with severe menstrual pain, ovarian tumor,  and growth of a hundred, (literally), uterine fibroids. I explored herbal, dietary, spiritual, emotional treatments and ancestral impacts, and also underwent 3 surgeries.

Scar tissue release, Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage, and Pelvic bodywork all helped heal my emotional and physical  body during and after this experience. And now I'm in my Moonpause/Menopause time of life, where bodywork is ever more important.

I use bodywork and breath to restore awareness and energy to the pelvic region and increase circulation to the womb and ovaries. This can help relieve menstrual cramps, restore womb health, and bring a new vitality and connection to this sacred, potent, creative space.

Yoni Steaming, Castor Oil Packs. and Essential Oils may be part of this work as well.

60 minutes–$95     90 minutes–$145

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Intrinsic+Soul+Blossom birth


Enhance your fertility journey by restoring mobility and energy flow, releasing scar tissue, and improving abdominal health with deep womb manipulations and targeted abdominal work.

Womb massage can help to alleviate pelvic health issues related to endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, amenorrhea, annovulation, secondary fertility challenges caused by scar tissue or tubal blockages, past infections, or tubal reversals.

Treatment consists of six 90-minute sessions over 4 weeks.

This bodywork also helps you prepare for IVF by increasing womb health and blood/lymph circulation, giving you a better chance of success.

TESTIMONIAL: Leslie is the therapist to see for all things fertility and pregnancy! I first made an appointment because I was experiencing pelvic pain that I thought might be preventing me from becoming pregnant.  Through a combination of her massage work and insight I started to feel my symptoms fade and I became pregnant the next month." Ella 2023

Initial Intake & 1st Session : 90-100-minutes– $165

Follow up sessions:  90 minutes: $145

I have seen a handful of prenatal massage therapists, and Leslie is incomparably the best.  Her hands are the perfect combination of strong and soothing. The environment is clean and warm. She attends to my specific concerns at every session, and goes above and beyond to explain things, share exercises I can do at home, and impart wisdom that allows me to relax and connect with my body.



I"m often asked whether  I do "regular massage"! The answer is YES!!!

I am happy to see you for a standard head to toe Swedish flow massage. Or for individualized sessions to work on your low back, foot issue, frozen shoulder, stuck neck, etc etc etc!

Let Leslie's 35 years of expertise relax your muscles, quiet your mind, nourish your spirit! 


  • 60 minutes–$95     90 minutes–$145
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Nuturing Massage for Pregnancy by Leslie Stager. Figure
body cushion prone Crop

FOR YOUR COMFORT:  Introducing the bodyCushion™ !

I use it for most sessions because it supports natural alignment of the spine, relieves low back pain, eliminates breast compression, and allows for optimal access to your tightest, sorest muscles!

Large breasted, lactating, and pregnant women love it, and during pregnancy it allows optimal support in sidelying position for deep work on hips, or even options for face down positions that don't compress the belly!!