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 You hear a small voice in the back of your mind, a desire hankering deep within your belly to be still, to leave behind the distractions of your daily life, the clock time, the busy-ness, the doing doing doing. You feel the calling to step aside and look at who you were, who you have become, and who you want to be- to call a new vision for your life, to make a purpose circle and stand within it, singing your wisdom song.



Through the ages, all cultures have had ceremonies to honor and define life’s transitions, to seek clarity and guidance, and to find one’s place in the wheel of life. Without those marking points, acknowledged by our community, our society, and our deep inner Self, many wander through their lives feeling purposeless or lost.




Since 1985 EARTH JOURNEYS has provided earth-oriented experiences to help individuals discover and celebrate their personal gifts and visions, through a relationship with the Wilderness within and without.

Your Guide: Leslie’s Life Story


My life developed around adventure, wilderness living, and creativity. All summers of my life were spent at our family’s summer arts camps with hundreds of other children and counselors from around the world. From 1970-1973 I spent summers living outside with a small band of wild children and two adults, building a log cabin by hand with work horses, saws, axes and camping.

In 1976 we traveled through Greece with horse carts. 

Loving the wild and unusual, I spent two years living alone in the Maine woods in a tiny cabin, and later in a wigwam awakening to and cultivating relationship with the wilds, foraging foods and herbs, and developing old-ways skills.



Living year-round in the open air, I tracked animals, harvested wild plants, cooked over fire, read by candlelight and oil lamps and lived a simple life guided by dreams and spirit. I studied with Tom Brown and John Stokes–well-known trackers, and explored Aboriginal Living Skills with the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.


In 1985, I traveled to the California desert to study rites of passage work with Stephen Foster and Meridith Little and started guiding others on renewal rites to re-member the earth-body-spirit.

A growing mantra “Earth-Birth-Death” came to me during my alone time which became a theme that has guided me through all my adult life.

Earth: After attending the Outdoor Leadership Program in 1985, in Greenfield MA, I trained  as Rites of Passage guide, Ropes Course Instructor, Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist, I shared with children and adults my skills and enthusiasm of Earth Wisdom  through summer wilderness camps, women’s journeys, soul renewal rites, and the Women’s Healing Ritual Gatherings. 

Birth: In my 30’s & 40’s I worked as a labor & delivery nurse in Washington and Alaska, and became a pregnancy massage therapist.  I studied women’s health and anthropology, wrote the book,  Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy, made films about touch and birth, and assisted with whale research in Hawaii. I did whale/dolphin research and learned from them more about community/birth/death and higher consciousness.

Death: In my 50’s I focused on Death as a hospice nurse.

Now is the integration time, weaving Earth-Birth-Death work together. All these experiences influence my individualized bodywork approach with you!


 Not quite ready yet!


The sensate experience of aliveness


Become a lizard..

Breathe like a river. Dance like a rock. Sing like a tree.

Dance like a rock. Sing like a tree.

Sing like a tree.