Holistic Pelvic Care™(HPC) and Integrative Pelvic-Abdominal Bodywork for physical-energetic imbalances that block or limit a woman’s energy, creative aspirations, or core vitality, often related to birth trauma, surgery, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, or general energetic disconnect.

  • Gentle internal massage
  • Focused somato-emotional attention
  • Revitalize your pelvic bowl as a potent creative center.
  • Increase pelvic balance and mobility
  • Realign the pelvis physically and energetically
  • A session may include pelvic and postural exercise instruction, external abdominal and sacral myofascial release, uterine realignment, energy balancing, therapeutic breath, or cranial-sacral bodywork.

Integrative pelvic-abdominal bodywork offers support for:

  • Pelvic muscle balance and engagement
  • Pelvic organ health and alignment
  • Sexual health & libido
  • Restoring root wisdom
  • Supporting transition to menopause
  • Enhancing fertility
  • Pregnancy Preparation
  • Improving postpartum healing
  • Establishing clear energetic boundaries
  • Organ prolapse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pelvic Trauma
  • Long-term vaginal health
  • Addressing Difficult Births
  • Reduction of Scar Tissue
  • Alleviating Cesarean Pain
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal tension

Does it hurt?

Integrative Pelvic Bodywork is gentle, respectful  work.  You are the guide during a session, while I listen to your words, intent, energy, and muscular tissue responses to the work. Scar tissue bodywork, by its nature breaks up tissue restrictions and can be uncomfortable; however, you are always the guide of how deeply we work.


Who Needs it?

Every Woman Care
Integrative Pelvic Health Care should be part of every woman’s health protocol. Due to societal pressures and the tendency to care for everybody and everything except oneself, many modern-day women feel disconnected from their root creative center. Every woman can revitalize and reclaim her vital energy!

  • Postpartum Birth Integration & Renewal
    New mothers who are depleted and off-balance after giving birth will find this work can help resolve physical discomforts and restore function. I provide safe presence for emotional discomforts that may also arise as we cultivate wholeness and seek completion of the birth journey. Sessions may include scar tissue massage, abdominal/uterine massage, and cranial sacral therapy.


  • Miscarriage & Birth Trauma
    Holistic Pelvic Care™ can facilitate deeper healing and honoring of your womb, your birth experience, and your loss, and honor the spirit of the one who touched you so deeply.

About Leslie and Pelvic Bodywork


A Registered Nurse since 1984 and Licensed Massage Therapist since 1992, Leslie’s work has been inspired by her cutting-edge teachers, including Tami Kent P.T: Holistic Pelvic Care™; Rosita Arvigo N.P.:  Mayan Abdominal massage; Bryan Baisinger D.C. and Lee Morgan, D.O.: clinical pelvic care. Leslie has taught nurturing touch techniques worldwide.   Read more about her in BIO .